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Ordering Wholesale

MostOriginal.com offers unique gifts and original artwork from a variety of artists. The artwork in the store was selected for its uniqueness, quality and beauty. We select the items in person and maintain a personal relationship with the artists we represent.

We have been getting requests from store owners and businesses in several countries and have made available a wholesale program that allows a discount based on volume and agreement that secures a minimum price level of the items we offer.

The unique gifts and artwork on MostOriginal.com are handmade and at times one of a kind. As such we are committed to keeping the prices at a level that benefits the artists and maintains the value of the work itself.

If you are interested in making a wholesale order we will be happy to serve you and offer you the items in the store at a reduced price. We will ship to most major cities. Please email us to wholesale@mostoriginal.com with the name and contact information, and the details of your order.

Thank you...