High quality signature Macrame braceletMacramé, the art of making textiles and designing using repeated small knots rather than weaving thread together, can make a unique and interesting design in your pieces. This can take on beautiful new forms by utilizing different varieties of knots, like the square knot or hitching.

Similarly, you can use non-cloth materials to get a macramé effect. Often, macramé is used in crafting custom jewelry, and it can be employed in various ways with this aim. Of course, of you can use a classic square knot over and over again to create a single loop that would nicely serve as a bracelet or such.

MACRAMÉ RECOVERY CHARM BRACELETThere are plenty of places where you could expand out the knot a little bit and incorporate jewels or other decorations on your way around the band as well, adding a more decorative touch. You could also use a loose macramé technique to intertwine small, hard leather strips into a slightly elastic bracelet or choker. These leather macramé designs have plenty of places to attach decorations as well.

However, these are only simple patterns. If you are more experienced in crafting macramé, you can try something more advanced. Macramé jewelry has been crafted into purses, necklaces with intricate designs hanging down from the neck, and even into decorative designs like owls or abstract shapes in themselves.

All of these more decorative macramé designs allow for a lot of flexibility in use of jewels and decorations, and can work just as well as a standalone decoration as they do in jewelry.

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