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This is a response to an inquiry by a customer who purchased the King Solomon Amulet - Gate Opener. The inquiry was:

Before i use this amulet, i would like to know more Details.
What was it made for originaly, and what does it mean ? ...
Why is it called gateopener ?
And my last question, dies it bring danger if used when encountering spirits ?

This is our reponse...

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Posted in Care Instructions By Customer Care

Brass Bead Charm JewelryBrass has a similar appearance to gold and is an great alternative jewelry choice. However, brass jewelry does entail some extra care and responsibilities. Like silver, you can wet brass jewelry. Moisture can cause a brown patina to form which gives brass jewelry a unique look.

Even with stringent care, most brass jewelry will eventually show signs of tarnish over time. Even if you keep it dry, it can still absorb moisture from air and from your sweat. However, you can restore its original look by using a polish cloth or steel wool, which is available at any hardware store.

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Posted in Care Instructions By Daniel
Hamsa Silver Link Charm BraceletSilver is an element commonly found in jewelry. Most jewelry made from silver contain sterling alloy, which is a mixture of silver combined with other types of metals to make the material more durable. If you own expensive silver jewelry, then you will need to meticulously care for the pieces to keep it shining and in good condition.

When the jewelry is not in use, be sure to keep them in an anti-tarnish cloth or bag. This is a napped cloth flannel that absorbs chemicals and gasses in the air that can cause silver tarnishing. Do not wash or get the cloth wet as this will cause it to lose its effectiveness.

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Posted in Care Instructions By Joel

Adjusting Mizze Bracelets

1/14/2013 4:59 AM

Some of the most popular MIZZE bracelets are the adjustable bracelets. These may sometimes be difficult to adjust, so we have a video here to help you. The adjustable bracelet is made of wax cotton wires woven in different designs. These are the most comfortable and durable bracelets and can be worn for years.

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Posted in Care Instructions By Eli
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