This is a response to an inquiry by a customer who purchased the King Solomon Amulet - Gate Opener.

The inquiry was:

Before i use this amulet, i would like to know more Details. What was it made for originaly, and what does it mean ? ... Why is it called gateopener ? And my last question, dies it bring danger if used when encountering spirits ?


This is our reponse...


The amulet is part of the King Solomon amulets series made about 8 years ago by a local artist in Israel. The Gate Opener amulet is good for new beginnings in daily life. It creates the knowledge of which gate (way) to choose, how to enter and how to present oneself and one's goal in the right way. It enhances the ability to overcome problems and opposition calmly. It creates mutual understanding and good relations with those the person approaches. Helps staying alert for dangers and enables the person to overcome them quickly.


The purpose of any amulet is to keep us alert and open to opportunities that are around us and are important to us. If for example your wear a Health Amulet - It's there to keep you alert to your health, reminds you to eat the right way, exercise and keep healthy. The strength of the Amulet is generated by the person wearing the amulet - NOT the amulet maker.

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