HAMSA AND STAR OF DAVID LIGHT BLUE LEATHER BRACELETThe Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is a special holiday that encourages the practitioner to reflect on his or her previous year and the mistakes that were made so that during the New Year these missteps of the past have turned into valuable lessons that imbue one’s life with wisdom, clarity, peace and joy.

Essentially, it is a time to reflect on the old to ensure that the New Year will be sweet, supple, and pleasant. Based on this theme, there are a plethora of thoughtful gifts to bestow upon someone you care about during this special season.

A jar of nutritious and yummy honey, ornate plates or bowls, beautifully woven scarves, a Star of David necklace or earrings, baked goods such as rich and delectable loaves, or even a sweater.

If one stays afloat as to what the Rosh Hashanah holiday is truly about, he or she is likely to make pristine choices when it comes to gift ideas.