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Kabbalah Jewelry

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Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah Jewelry has become very popular in recent years. The Kabbalah's popularity has been partly due to the high profile personalities who have become followers and the actual nature of Kabbalah as a school of thought. Without getting into the various teachings and meanings Kabbalah offers, the literal meaning of Kabbalah in Hebrew is "receiving". As a school of thought originating in Judaism, the remarkable thing is that it managed to transcend religious denominations and inspired a wider non-Jewish contemporary spirituality.

Inspired by these Kabbalah teachings, the Kabbalah jewelry we offer includes a variety of pieces. You will find the original Kabbalah Red String from Rachel's Tomb in Israel (the original wool string bracelet you see on most Hollywood celebs), as well as Red String silk bracelets with various Kabbalah charms.

A wide range of Kabbalah bracelets and jewelry inspired by the various teachings are also available, "Ana Bekoach", "Ben Porat Yosef" and for example the 72 letter names of God. The 3 letter combinations each carry a unique meaning and you will find Kabbalah necklaces, bracelets and rings that incorporate these 3 letter combinations.

Finally we also chose to include Kabbalah anklets, unique to MostOriginal.com and a selection of Kabbalah rings in 925 Stering Silver. Enjoy..