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Jewish Gifts & Judaica

Jewish Gifts & Judaica

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  1. Blue Flowered Mezuzah Case

    Blue Flowered Mezuzah Case

    Flowered blue Mezuzah case decorated with a flower pattern. The silver plated pewter Mezuzah has a hand painted enamel finish with inlaid crystals and is 4.3" in length. Created by Iris Design in Israel. Learn More

  2. Blue Small Star of David Necklace

    Blue Small Star of David Necklace

    Handmade Star of David Necklace is 925 Sterling Silver, decorated with Swarovski Crystals, Copper accents and hand painted. The Star of David (Magen David in Hebrew) or the Shield of David, also known as the “Seal of Solomon”, is generally a recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity. The Star of David Handmade Necklace is also known as the “King’s Star”, it is possible that it was the “Kabbalah” that made first use of this sign. The Star of David Pendant is 1.3cm (0.5in) in diameter and the Necklace is 40cm (15.7in) long. Signed by the artist Ester Shahaf. Find out more about Star of David Gifts & Jewelry... Learn More

  3. Book of Psalms in Microfilm Turquoise & Silver Locket

    Book of Psalms in Microfilm Turquoise & Silver Locket

    This incredible addition to our Learn More

  4. Braided Leather Hamsa Charm Bracelet

    Braided Leather Hamsa Charm Bracelet

    The Braided Leather Hamsa Charm Bracelet is available in multiple colors. Mix and match to create your own set and choose from 9 different colors. Each bracelet has a Hamsa charm, plated with Sterling Silver and engraved with the words, Hand Made. Evil eye is a very powerful negative force discussed in the Kabbalah. The bracelet is inspired by the idea of protection from envious eyes and looks of ill will. Part of the Jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck. Also Available in 24K Gold plated. Learn More

  5. Sale
    Braided Leather Hamsa Hand Charms Bracelet

    Braided Leather Hamsa Hand Charms Bracelet

    This beautiful bracelet includes a 925 Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand with the Evil Eye theme and a baby Blue Evil Eye protection charm. All charms and findings are 925 Sterling Silver. Choose between 7’’ (women) or 8’’ (men) sizes. Learn More

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    Special Price $35.99

  6. Braided Leather Protection Charms Bracelet

    Braided Leather Protection Charms Bracelet

    A great looking thick (1/8") braided leather bracelet with the Solomon Seal for protection and safety. The bracelet also includes a Hamsa Hand Evil Eye protection charm. The bracelet is available in 7" or 8'' length and can be ordered in a different size. All charms and findings are 925 Sterling Silver. Learn More
  7. Burgundy & Sterling Silver Chai Necklace

    Burgundy & Sterling Silver Chai Necklace

    All Sterling Silver round Chai pendant and necklace. The pendant is decorated with burgundy and orange beads, Swarovski crystal and hangs on a silver snake necklace 16" long. For men and women. Part of the silver jewelry collection by the artist Ester Shahaf. Learn More

  8. Burgundy Fish & Hamsa Handbag Charm

    Burgundy Fish & Hamsa Handbag Charm

    A beautiful pewter Fish and Hamsa Hand Handbag Charm and Keyring in burgundy and off white. The Fish is associated with birth, fertility, feminine sexuality and prosperity. The Handbag Charm and Keyring is made of Pewter, decorated with Swarovski Crystals, brass and copper accents. The keyring and handbag charm is part of the Ester Shahaf jewelry collection and is signed by the artist. Learn More

  9. Chai Hamsa Keyring

    Chai Hamsa Keyring

    Hamsa Hand keyring made of Pewter, decorated with brass and copper accents. In the center the inscription reads "Chai" in Hebrew. Hamsa is an old amulet that provides protection from the "Evil Eye" or the envious. Hamsa means Five in Hebrew and Arabic and is believed to provide magical protection to the bearer. Signed by the artist Ester Shahaf. Learn More

  10. Chamsa Earrings - Turquoise

    Chamsa Earrings - Turquoise

    925 Sterling Silver Chamsa earrings hand made by Ester Shahaf. The Chamsa, a lucky charm is meant to protect the wearer. The Chamsa earrings are hand painted and are decorated with Swarovski Crystals, brass and copper accents and beads. The Chamsa earrings dimensions are 1.2cm (0.5in) in width and 4.8cm (1.9in) in length. Find out more about Hamsa & Evil Eye Jewelry... Learn More

  11. Chanukah Doves Menorah

    Chanukah Doves Menorah

    This pewter doves themed Menorah (Menora) is a traditional Chanukah gift item. It is usually used to light candles during the 8 days of Chanukah (festival of lights). The Menorah is hand painted and decorated with Swarovski crystals, brass and copper accents. Signed by the Israeli artist Ester Shahaf. Menorah dimensions are 12 cm (4.7 in) height and 22.5 cm (8.8 in) width. A beautiful Chanukah gift or Judaica art collector piece. Learn More

  12. Chay Mezuzah

    Chay Mezuzah

    The Chay Mezuzah is a unique, hand made piece. The Mezuzah is hand painted, made of pewter and wood and decorated with inlayed Swarovski crystals. The Mezuzah is normally located on the door posts of traditional Jewish homes. The small casing is attached to the right side of every door in the home and contains a small scroll of parchment on which are written two bible passages. These passages are meant to protect the people leaving and entering the doorway. The biblical significance of the Mezuzah dates back to Egypt and the marking of the doors by the Jewish people as a way of protecting their homes. Each Mezuzah is unique and requires 1-2 business days for handling prior to shipping (parchment not included). This is the larger size Mezuzah and is Signed by the artist Ester Shahaf. 19.1 cm (7.5 in) length, 3 cm (1.2 in) width. Learn More

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Jewish Gifts & Judaica

Quality Judaica and Jewish gifts can heighten the beauty of fulfilling the Jewish service and therefore make the most personal and inspiring gifts for Jewish people. There are some lovely items that can be given as Judaica gifts and these take several forms. Some are based around specific Jewish festivals or religious days. Some of the most popular include Shabbat Candlesticks, Jewish Jewelry, Mezuzah Cases and Hanukkah gifts like Menorahs which can adorn a table in a Jewish home. These will be treasured by the family who receive them and will serve for years to come.

Shabbat candle holders can also be thoughtful Judaica gifts, for the candle lighting and Challah presentation on a weekly basis at Shabbat. A Challah board to hold bread and an accompanying cover is another thoughtful gift, perhaps showing Jewish symbols, pictures or Jewish prayers. The great thing about this gift is that it will be used on Shabbat and most festivals, so it will be frequently in use and enjoyed by the recipient.

Wine fountains with Kiddush cups are amazing centerpiece gifts that you can find in a huge range of styles, materials and prices. All are adorned with engraving or colors whether forged from pewter, silver plate, aluminium or solid silver. The number of shapes and styles available are vast, but whichever you choose they are sure to delight their new owner.

Washing cups are so practical and yet there so many beautiful types available. Ceramic types tend to feature hand-painted scenes, but you can find stained glass and metal varieties as well. The ceramic ones often match Havdallah spice boxes and could be purchased as a perfect pair to be used time after time. Along with Jewish blessings for the home and artwork for the Jewish home, they make great Jewish gifts for those who use them regularly. Whatever Judaica you choose to buy, it will make a personal and ideal Jewish gift that will support their following of the Jewish faith and be used year after year.

MostOriginal.com offers a great selection of Jewish gifts and Judaica since 2005. Included in this selection is a wide selection of Jewish Israeli jewelry handmade in Israel by local artists. Artists include Ester Shahaf, Michal David, MIZZE Jewelry and others. You can also find a great selection of Bat Mitzvah gifts, Bar Mitzvah gifts and of course, Jewish wedding gifts.