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Bat Mitzvah Gifts

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    Pink Hamsa Anklet

    Pink Hamsa Anklet

    This Pink Hamsa Anklet is made with multiple wax wires and 24k Gold or Sterling Silver plated fasteners and charms all around. Charms include Hamsa and traditional motives. The Hamsa is an old popular lucky charm against the "evil eye" and is believed to protect the person wearing it. Learn More

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    Special Price: $33.99

  2. Pink Kabbalah Charms Bracelet

    Pink Kabbalah Charms Bracelet

    A beautiful Pink Kabbalah Charm Bracelet with multiple symbolic charms. This Kabbalah Bracelet includes the Hamsa, Heart and Fish Charms. It also includes the Traditional Kabbalah Three Letter Combinations Cube for Happiness, Power of Prosperity, Protection from the Evil Eye and Physical Well Being. This Kabbalah Bracelet is available on Pink Silk with 24k Gold or Silver plating charms. The Kabbalah Charms Bracelet is part of the MIZZE - Made for Luck Kabbalah Jewelry Collection. Learn More

  3. Priestly Blessing in Hebrew Jewish Necklace

    Priestly Blessing in Hebrew Jewish Necklace

    Wonderful gift idea for a Bat Mitzvha, this gorgeous 925 sterling silver Jewish necklace is decorated with a sterling silver charm, engraved in Hebrew with the protective Priestly Blessing "May the Lord Bless and Save You", and set with a spinning Onyx gemstone. Necklace length is approximately 18" (45 cm). Each piece is unique and requires 2-4 business days for handling prior to shipping. Learn More

  4. Prosperity Charms Kabbalah Bracelet

    Prosperity Charms Kabbalah Bracelet

    Beautiful handmade Prosperity Charms Kabbalah Bracelet in multiple colors. Charms include a Hamsa hand and glass Evil Eye against ill-will and envious thoughts sent the owner's way. While the hearts and Kabbalah "SAL" are believed to bring about harmony and prosperity. Clear accent beads are the finishint touch. All Charms are 925 Sterling Silver or 24K Gold plated. The bracelet is a standard size 7". Custom sizes can be ordered at no additional charge. Part of the Fashion Jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck Learn More

  5. Protection & Positive Energy Red String Kabbalah Anklet

    Protection & Positive Energy Red String Kabbalah Anklet

    Protection, positive energy and against evil eye Kabbalah charm (Letters ALD), and a Hamsa charm on a red silk string anklet. Red String silk anklet includes charms that are all 925 Sterling Silver. The anklet is a standard size 9.5" and can be ordered in any size at no additional charge. Learn More

  6. Protection 72 Names of God Necklace

    Protection 72 Names of God Necklace

    72 Names of God hand knitted necklace in pink with the sterling silver ALD Kabbalah charm. ALD is one of the 72 traditional sacred names of god used to provide the wearer with protection and safety. Made of 925 sterling silver. Standard Necklace length is 19" and can be ordered in a different size at no extra charge. Also available on Red, Black, Turquoise, Cream or Brown wax wire. Part of the Fashion Jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck. Learn More
  7. Protection Charms Bracelet Handmade in Israel

    Protection Charms Bracelet Handmade in Israel

    Beautiful multi-layered bracelet in the color of your choice, decorated with various 24K Gold plated charms for good luck and protection, such as the Hamsa Hand and against Evil Eye, along with golden accent beads. The golden charms bracelet measures approximately 35" in length. Learn More

  8. Protection Silver Star of David Leather Bracelet

    Protection Silver Star of David Leather Bracelet

    A beautiful Star of David with Green Protection Evil Eye Charm on a braided leather bracelet. All charms and findings are 925 Sterling Silver. Choose between 7’’ (women) or 8’’ (men) sizes. Learn More

  9. Red Ana BeKoach Necklace

    Red Ana BeKoach Necklace

    A Beautiful handmade Red Coral necklace with Ana BeKoach pendant. The letters in Hebrew spell out the words "Ana BeKoach" and are meant to bring spiritual light and positive energy to the wearer. Necklace is 16" long with a glass and copper pendant. Part of the Laly Jewelry collection. Each Ana BeKoach Necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity and artist guarantee. Takes 8-10 days for handling before shipping. Learn More

  10. Red Coral Protection Anklet

    Red Coral Protection Anklet

    This protection Anklet is made with red leather and 925 sterling silver charms all around. Learn More

  11. Red Evil Eye Bracelet

    Red Evil Eye Bracelet

    A beautiful Red Evil Eye Bracelet with blue Evil Eye charm. The trimmings and settings are all 925 Sterling Silver. The bracelet includes a Blue Evil Eye charm and silver Hamsa charm with the watching eye design. This Red Silk String Kabbalah bracelet is part of the unique Kabbalah Jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck. Learn More

  12. Red Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

    Red Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

    A beautiful Black Leather Bracelet with Red Evil Eye for Protection . The trimmings and settings are all Sterling Silver with 24K Gold plating or 925 Sterling Silver. The bracelet is inspired by the idea of protection from envious eyes and looks of ill will and is believed to provide health, protection and peace. Part of the unique Kabbalah jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck. The Leather bracelet is approximately 7" long. Custom lengths can be requested when making an order at no extra charge. Learn More

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Ideal Bat Mitzvah Gifts

For a Jewish girl, her Bat Mitzvah is the most important event in her life so far and the culmination of her twelve years of childhood before her coming of age. It is a sacred and special event which is celebrated seriously. There is no doubt that if you are attending a Bat Mitzvah you will want to purchase an appropriate Bat Mitzvah gift which will be treasured by the girl receiving it.

A Shabbat candle holders and decorated candles are perhaps the most traditional gift. As the Bat Mitzvah gift would mean the girl would be able to light the family candles at Shabbat, this is something with a very definite use and purpose. Every kind of color style and material is possible, so you can choose something that would suit the particular girl who is celebrating, or equally a Shabbat set if this was better.

Another item you could consider is Bat Mitzvah Jewelry and you will have no difficulties in finding a huge range available. From Jewish charm bracelets, to silver Star of David necklaces to Hamsa jewelry and Hebrew rings there is so much you can choose from. It is important to consider the kind of girl you are buying for and consider what kind of item she would like. If you do not wish to get something so personal then perhaps think about a Bat Mitzvah decorated Jewelry box or a watch featuring an appropriate Jewish symbol. Tallit clips for the prayer shawl would equally make a long lasting reminder of their special day

A Mezuzah case necklace, Torah scroll, Bat Mitzvah frame or medal would all make a brilliant memory of that special day which is so important to a Jewish girl. Whatever you choose will no doubt have a lot of thought behind it that the girl will treasure long into the future and serve as a memory of her wonderful day.