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Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

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Handmade Jewelry

You cannot fail to be dazzled by the array of very beautiful and unique jewelry on offer. These are truly artistic pieces that will be a joy to choose and wear for years to come. The most exquisite gemstones feature in the handmade necklaces and bracelets available to you from designer Laly Cohen jewelry. They mix modern design with a classic focus on fundamentally high quality components to make stunning and exciting pieces of jewelry that the owner will want to wear every day. Equally, the beautiful colored crosses and Star of David necklaces are divine. There can be no better place to store pieces of jewelry than our gorgeous wooden jewelry boxes from the artist Michal David. They are handmade and stylized in the manner of Victoriana, which is so attractive when paired with crystal accents.

There are many other styles of jewelry to see. From drop rosebud earrings to original MIZZE Made for Luck macrame and knitted jewelry in every different color combination imaginable and adorned with amulets and charms, you cannot fail to be pleased with what is available. The precious onyx gold inscribed zodiac necklaces are perfect for both men and women. They feature not only the zodiac sign and its attributes but the map and its astrological characteristics imprinted in 24k gold.

For those who are looking for that perfect Jewish jewelry for themselves or as the perfect gift, there are a wide range of bracelets and pendants available as well as charms and amulets. These are rare and precious pieces with a range that is impossible to find in one place. They are real treasures; remember every piece is truly handmade. Don’t miss the beaded bangles by Iris Designs, adorned with Czech crystals, with a design and hue to suit absolutely every different personality. The perfect item for any occasion can be found right here.