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  1. The Tree of Knowledge Kabbalah Necklace

    The Tree of Life & Knowledge Kabbalah Necklace

    The “Tree of Life & Knowledge” Kabbalah Pendant is made of 925 Sterling Silver with natural organic Tourmaline gemstones. Wearing the “Tree of Knowledge” helps to understand more about things and events that might happen to us or to the community. Learn More
  2. Kabbalah Ana BeKoach Turquoise Necklace

    Kabbalah Ana BeKoach Turquoise Necklace

    A Beautiful handmade Turquoise crystals necklace with Ana Bekoach pendant. The letters in Hebrew spell out the words "Ana Bekoach" and are meant to bring spiritual light and positive energy to the wearer. Necklace is 16" long with a glass and copper pendant. Part of the Laly Jewelry collection. Each Ana BeKoach Necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity and artist guarantee. Takes 8-10 days for handling before shipping. Learn More

  3. Hanging Kabbalah Hamsa Amulet

    Hanging Kabbalah Hamsa Amulet

    This is a Kabbalah themed hanging Hamsa Hand with the letters for protection from the Evil Eye. The center includes the three letter combination (ALD) and the words "God Bless Us" surrounded by the Hebrew alphabet clockwise in numeric values of one through twelve. This hanging Hamsa is made from copper, brass, stained glass and Swarovski crystals. The Hamsa is believed to protect and shield against the evil eye and provide good fortune for the home or office. The Hamsa is handmade by the artist Laly Cohen and includes a Certificate of Authenticity and lifetime guarantee from the artist. The Hamsa is approximately 9.0" in length and 6.0" in width. This Hamsa is unique and requires 8-10 business days for handling prior to shipping. Learn More

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