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  1. Light Pink Hamsa Hand

    Light Pink Hamsa Hand

    A beautiful decorative hanging Light Pink Hamsa from Pewter. Designed with Swarovski Crystals, brass and copper accents. This Hamsa includes an eye as part of the design and a small dove. The Hamsa is believed to protect and shield against the evil eye and provide good fortune. The Hamsa Hand is traditionally hung near the entrance to the home or office. Hand painted and signed by the artist Ester Shahaf. Each Hamsa Hand is 12.5 cm (4.9") in length and 8 cm (3.1") in width. Learn More

  2. Swarovski Home Decor Hamsa

    Swarovski Home Decor Hamsa

    Colorful wall hanging Hamsa Hand made from Pewter, Swarovski crystals, brass and copper decorations. Both sides are shaped as doves symbolizing peace, blessing and protection. Hand painted by the artist Ester Shahaf. 12.5 cm (4.9 in) length, 11 cm (4.3 in) width. Learn More

  3. Hamsa Mezuzah Case

    Hamsa Mezuzah Case

    A beautiful crushed marble Mezuzah Case with the traditional Hamsa Hand for protection. The golden colored Mezuzah Case is decorated with the Hamsa Hand image and a Red Roses theme. The Mezuzah is decorated with Swarovski Crystals and the traditional "Shin" at the top. The Hamsa Hand is a traditional theme used in artwork and home decor meant to protect the household from the envious eyes of others. This Mezuzah Case is handmade by the Israeli artist Michal David and is part of her beautiful Mezuzah Collection. Each piece is unique and requires 2-4 business days for handling prior to shipping. This Mezuzah is available in 6" (14 CM) in length and 7" (18 CM) in length. Learn More

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