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  1. Kids Kabbalah Charms Bracelet

    Kids Kabbalah Charms Bracelet

    A beautiful Kids Kabbalah Charm Bracelet with multiple symbolic charms. This Kabbalah Bracelet includes the Hamsa, Heart and Fish Charms. It also includes the Traditional Kabbalah Three Letter Combinations Cube for Happiness, Power of Prosperity, Protection from the Evil Eye and Physical Well Being. This Kabbalah Bracelet is available on Red, Baby Blue or Pink Silk with 24k Gold or Silver plating charms. The kids bracelet is approximately 15.5cm (6in) long. The Kabbalah Bracelet is part of the MIZZE - Made for Luck Kabbalah Jewelry Collection. Learn More

  2. Kids Leather Hamsa Bracelet

    Kids Leather Hamsa Bracelet

    The Kids Leather Hamsa Bracelet is available in multiple colors. Choose from 5 different colors. Each bracelet has a Hamsa charm, plated with Sterling Silver or 24K Gold and engraved with the words, Hand Made. Evil eye is a very powerful negative force discussed in the Kabbalah. The bracelet is inspired by the idea of protection from envious eyes and looks of ill will. Part of the Jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck. The kids bracelet is approximately 15.5cm (6in) long. Learn More

  3. Kids Kabbalah Cube Necklace

    Kids Kabbalah Cube Necklace

    A beautiful Kids hand knitted red necklace. The Kabbalah cube pendant includes one of the 72 names of god for safety and protection. Made of 24K gold plated. Standard Necklace length is 15.5" and can be ordered in a different size. Part of the Kids Jewelry collection by MIZZE - Made for Luck. Learn More

  4. Kids Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet

    Kids Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet

    The adjustable white Kids Kabbalah Friendship Bracelet beautifully combines two worlds, the popular friendship bracelet given out of love and friendship, and the original Red String strand believed to protect from negative influences and ill will. The result is a unique gift for love and safekeeping. Learn More

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