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Christian Gifts Calendar

1/14/2013 4:53 AM

Love, Joy & Peace Heart Red Bracelet As contrasted with the secular calendar year, beginning on January 1, according the Julian calendar, the Christian calendar year actually begins with the period of Advent. The month long Advent period begins in the fourth week of November and ends on Christmas Day, December 25th. This period, leading up to the Western calendar date of the birth of Jesus, is marked with a number of celebrations involving the use of the color purple in church decorations and regalia worn by priests and other church officials. Advent means "coming" and "arrival" and is supposed to note the correlations between Jesus' birth and his later death by crucifixion. Greenery, particularly evergreen and holly wreaths, are popular items given during this period, as well as potted holly and evergreen trees and shrubs. The period officially ends with Christmas, the most popular gift giving holiday during the Christian year. During Advent, gifts of ornamental jewelry of seasonal colors, including red, blue, green, and purple, are lovely ways to remember special friends and loved ones.

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1/14/2013 4:56 AM

Judaica Gift - Bat Mitzvah Star of David Necklace The term Judaica covers diverse areas of the Jewish world and civilization, including Jewish history, culture, holidays, language, scripture, religious teachings, religious books, Jewish jewelry and artifacts, in general everything having to do with the Jewish religion and the Jews.

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Shabbat Candlesticks

1/14/2013 4:57 AM

Shabbat Wooden Candlesticks Every week, before the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath, women light two candles to mark the beginning of the religious day of rest for observant Jews. As it was instructed by G-d to His servant Moses on Mt. Sinai, and written in the Ten Commandments: "Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy". The tradition of lighting two candles or two small lamps of oil to usher in the Sabbath, or Shabbat in Hebrew, is said to originate in Jewish communities situated in and around the Mediterranean basin in the 8th Century C.E. The custom eventually spread to other Jewish communities until by the 14th Century it had spread over the entire Jewish world.

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Adjusting Mizze Bracelets

1/14/2013 4:59 AM

Some of the most popular MIZZE bracelets are the adjustable bracelets. These may sometimes be difficult to adjust, so we have a video here to help you. The adjustable bracelet is made of wax cotton wires woven in different designs. These are the most comfortable and durable bracelets and can be worn for years.

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Israeli Jewelry Designers

1/14/2013 5:01 AM

The level of creativity in Israel is remarkable. Israeli artists have long been known to be among the most talented in the world. Four designer lines in particular, which we proudly carry here at the store, deliver artwork, which consistently dazzles.

MIZZE Jewelry

MIZZE is an independent jewelry design studio, here in Israel. After their recent launch they received impressive Web notoriety. Their strictly hand crafted jewelry combines traditional workmanship in the forms of weaving and knitting, with sterling silver amulets, inspired by kabbalistic and historical muses. All of the jewelry is made from all natural materials.

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Jewish Gifts Calendar

1/14/2013 5:03 AM

Hanging Hamsa Mobile with MenorahThe Jewish calendar year, which begins with the month of Tishrei (from mid to late September) has certain periods in which gift giving coincides with the particular seasons. During the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur many types of gifts are given, especially gifts of food and wine, as well for the home. As these holidays usually fall during or after the September Equinox, the holidays usher in the Autumn season, and gifts of harvest related items, including paintings, pottery, and other art work are very good gift ideas. These holidays are also deeply tied to religion; and a number of Jewish jewelry gift items, including amulets and Judaica items make excellent gifts.

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Eshet Chayil Song

1/14/2013 5:05 AM

STERLING SILVER ESHET CHAYIL CIRCLE PENDANTThe famous Jewish traditional song "Eshet Chayil" in Hebrew or "Woman of Valor" in English, is popular not only among families singing it, but also as a verse inscribed on various Judaica art pieces and Jewish Jewelry pendants and necklaces.

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Bat Mitzvah Judaica Gifts

1/14/2013 5:08 AM

In Jewish tradition, a young girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah automatically at age 12, which is one year earlier that boys. This is because girls often reach puberty earlier than boys; and according to tradition, become obligated to observe all the customs and rituals designated to young women, including preparing themselves for their eventual role as wives and mothers. In Orthodox households, girls do not usually have religious rituals connected with being a Bat Mitzvah. While their male counterparts are inducted into their entry into manhood with religious rituals, including being called up to the Torah, religious girls mostly observe this event with family celebrations.

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Hanukkah Menorah Gifts

1/14/2013 5:13 AM

Doves Hanukkah Menorah Candelabrum, the first Menorah referred to in the Bible is the seven-branched candlestick constructed for and used in the portable Temple set up by the Jewish people in the wilderness, after their Exodus from Egypt. The material used for fuel in that Menorah was pure olive oil and the high priest commanded to tend the Menorah on a daily basis, making sure it had an adequate supply of oil.

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Kiss of Angels by Michal David The original word, both in Hebrew and Greek, means messenger, and is so translated, it is often applied to an ordinary messenger, (Job 1;14, Samuel 11;3, Luke 9;52) the prophets, (Isaiah 42;19, Haggai 1;13) and priests (Ecclesiastes 5;6).

Under the general sense of messenger, the term angel is properly applied also to Christ, as the great angel or messenger of the covenant,(Malachi 3;1) and to the ministers of his gospel, the overseers or angels of the churches (revelation 2;1,8,12).

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