Evil Eye in Handmade Hamsa Jewelry You can usually determine someone’s emotional state just by looking into that person’s eyes. You can see if he or she is happy, sad, angry or tired by looking at the expression in the eyes. In some cultures, the eyes are believed to hold mystic powers, which can deliver misfortune to whomever the gaze is directed to.

The Turkish Evil Eye is a stare that is believed to cause bad luck and maladies. When someone stares upon another with disdain, envy or jealousy, the person stared at can be inflicted with negative energy that can bring about poverty, illness and even death. Even if the person with the evil eye stare had no intention of ill-will towards the other person, the gaze can still cause harm. Specifically in Turkey, the Evil Eye is a blue talisman and is known as nazar and is found in or on houses and vehicles or worn as beads.

The belief of the evil eye is widespread but is especially concentrated in the Middle East where Islamic doctrine states that the evil eye is real and presents a legitimate danger.

In response to the hysteria and fear of being harmed by the evil eye, talismans have been created as a form of protection. In Jewish culture, the Hamsa Hand is used as a charm for necklaces and bracelets as a way to repel the effects brought on by the gaze. Trinkets depicting the evil eye itself are also widely used as charms for the same intended purpose as the hamsa hand.

Evil Eye Earrings In Islam, talismans are generally prohibited as it is believed to be a form of idol worship. Muslims are instead encouraged to say “Masha Allah,” which translates to “God has willed it.” This is believed to invoke the presence of God to protect one from the evil eye.

Out of fear of becoming a victim of the evil gaze, people will often refrain from talking about subjects concerning their wealth, family or other positive points in their life as it is believed to attract stares of envy.

Those who strongly believe in the evil eye may even keep their children indoors as it is believed that they are vulnerable to the stares due to their innocence and young age, especially from childless mothers. In those cases the use of Hamsa Baby Pins and Hamsa wall decor for the children's room is sometimes used.

The eyes are believed to hold unseen powers and can cause misfortune to others even if no harm was intended. Even in modern time, people continue to turn to various forms of talismans and invoking the word of God to receive divine protection. Whether the eyes really hold such powers, hundreds of years of tradition certainly make it real for believers.