Ana BeKoach, g'du-lat y'min-cha ta-tir, tze-ru-ra: We beg Thee, with the strength and goodness of Thy right arm, Untangle our knotted fate.

ANA BEKOACH HAND ENGRAVED GOLD & SILVER BRACELET So begins one of the most significant prayers connected with the Kabbalah. The Ana BeKoach prayer, also chanted by Jews each Friday night, has an unknown author, and is attributed to have been written around the Second Century C.E. The prayer is made up of seven sentences which are supposed to correspond with the seven days of the week. The Kabbalistic meaning is even more pronounced as the prayer itself is actually a form of code for the name of God. Each letter corresponds to its numerical position within the Hebrew alphabet, and if you add up the first letters of each word you have the number 42, which is encoded to be first 42 letters of the Book of Genesis.

In other words, the number 42 is another term for God, The Creator.

Ana Bekoach Prayer Necklace with Kabbalah Star of David Pendant Ana BeKoach is often found engraved on Jewish Jewelry and recited in Kabbalah meditation prayers and exercises, with the result to be a form of healing energy for the soul. As each line of the prayer has a significant meaning, the reciting of the prayer is supposed to assist in bringing comfort and healing into our lives. For example, the beginning of the prayer, as noted above, is make us aware that we live in a world of time and space, filled with both chaos and difficult obstacles. By praying for assistance from G-d, we can rise above all barriers and achieve the ability to rise the problems that surround us, enabling us to "untangle out knotted fate".

Other lines in the prayer call upon the Almighty One to assist us in achieving good health and prosperity, as well as finding the inner strength to prevail, even though there is "darkness" all around us. The prayer even makes mention of the forces of evil the Satan has sown upon the world, and how we can "tear away Satan" by eradicating our negative egos and fears.

One of the most meaningful lines is line 6 in which the Kabbalah's most hidden secrets are revealed, making the Kabbalah's essence of spiritual wisdom known to all. The prayer ends with the message of bringing a spiritual new beginning, enabling us to throw off our negative forces and begin a new life, more enlightened and refreshed.

The end of the prayer asks God to "accept our cries and hear our screams"; and blesses the name of God's Kingdom forever. As we are but mere mortals, we ask God to assist us in our search for answers to help find more meaning to our lives.