Love, Joy & Peace Heart Red Bracelet As contrasted with the secular calendar year, beginning on January 1, according the Julian calendar, the Christian calendar year actually begins with the period of Advent. The month long Advent period begins in the fourth week of November and ends on Christmas Day, December 25th. This period, leading up to the Western calendar date of the birth of Jesus, is marked with a number of celebrations involving the use of the color purple in church decorations and regalia worn by priests and other church officials. Advent means "coming" and "arrival" and is supposed to note the correlations between Jesus' birth and his later death by crucifixion. Greenery, particularly evergreen and holly wreaths, are popular items given during this period, as well as potted holly and evergreen trees and shrubs. The period officially ends with Christmas, the most popular gift giving holiday during the Christian year. During Advent, gifts of ornamental jewelry of seasonal colors, including red, blue, green, and purple, are lovely ways to remember special friends and loved ones.

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