KABBALAH EYE RED STRING BRACELETThe origins of Kabbalah can be found in roots that go deeply into history's soil. It is a religious philosophy that embraces dogmatic principles, mystical folklore, and spiritual practice. It is based on the ancient, sacred text called the Torah. Its dialogue contains parables of timeless and ageless themes such as good versus evil and the importance of being kind to your neighbor.

To a neutral and objective bystander, Kabbalah may seem superstitious and magical in the sense where it talks about sorcerers, angels, and beings of both good and evil dispositions talking to human beings. The origins of the red string bracelet is intertwined with the practice of Kabbalah. It is believed that the red string bracelet, if worn regularly, protects the user from evil forces that can otherwise run rampant in the universe and cause chaos and destruction for mankind. It is, therefore, believed that if someone wears this bracelet that he or she is protected from evil such as jealousy, sickness, greed, familial misfortune, and even natural disaster.

For the Kabbalah practitioner, the red string bracelet represents divine protection from evil forces, while simultaneously serving for the betterment of mankind within this respective practice.

Origins of the Red String