Red String Kabbalah Bracelet A lot of attention is being given these days to the study of the Kabbalah, that mystical segment of Jewish studies that is supposed to give explanations as to the relationship between the spiritual and the physical; or between the realm of Heaven and the physical realm of Man on earth.

Along with the books and other material available to those who try to undertake Kabbalah studies with a group or on their own, a considerable amount of charms, amulets and other items are being marketed as Kabbalah Amulets and Charms. These items vary in design as well as cost, with some of them being quite expensive if made of gold and incorporating precious and semi-precious stones.

Designs for these charms are varied and can be extremely simple, such as the well known Kabbalah Red String which is in reality a braided red string with perhaps a small charm such as a Hamsa Hand or Heart included. Many types of jewelry said to be derived from Kabbalah names are said to give protection against evil, otherwise known as the Evil Eye. These charms may include a Hamsa Amulets (palm) known as a Chamsa in Hebrew (Five), with the watchful eye design in the center. The Five fingers amulet in some Jewish teachings are to symbolize the five books of the Torah, Judaism's most sacred book of laws. The eye in the middle is the 'All Seeing Eye' or Eye of the Almighty, said to be always on the lookout against the forces of evil.

Wearing Amulets and Charms derived from the symbols of the Kabbalah is becoming more and more popular, and many famous personalities and movie stars are wearing them with the hope of obtaining benefits from their powers. As to whether or not these items are really beneficial, that is up to the opinion of those who wear them. As some modern biblical and Kabbalah scholars are saying; "it they make you feel better, then why not wear them?"

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