Judaica Gift - Bat Mitzvah Star of David Necklace The term Judaica covers diverse areas of the Jewish world and civilization, including Jewish history, culture, holidays, language, scripture, religious teachings, religious books, Jewish jewelry and artifacts, in general everything having to do with the Jewish religion and the Jews.

JUDAISM: the religion of the Jew, equivalent to the Hebrew “yahadut”, Judaism was the first monotheistic faith, ( the belief in one and only one God). It is practiced by the matrilineal descendants(descendants of the mother).

There is not a trace of racism in Judaism, the doors are open to all, anyone irrespective of his origin or color, is an eligible candidate for entry into the Jewish community.

Judaism is a lifestyle defined by God in the Torah (the bible), which contains obligations of man to God, such as the observance of Shabbat, of man to man, the prohibition of murder, and of man to him or herself and the prohibition of suicide.

Judaism affirms that god spoke to man in the form of prophecy, and that man has an opportunity to communicate with God by means of prayer. Although there are great differences between Judaism and other religions of the world, Judaism anticipate the time, told in the bible, that those nations will acknowledge the Lord in Zion, and the Lord will say: “and I brought to my Holy mountain, and allowed them to rejoice in my house of prayer, for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations”. ( Ezekiel 36;25 ).