Star of David Leather Bracelet The six pointed Star of David, Judaism and Israel's distinctive symbol, has also had a significant usage as an art symbol. Whether it be paintings, sculpture, or in a myriad of jewelry designs, the 'Star' (also called Magen David or Shield of David) is commonly used in various art all over the Jewish world.

Originating in decorative frescos in Jewish houses of worship, including beautiful ornate stained glass windows, the Star of David can be found in paintings by famous international artists, including Marc Chagall, Samuel Bak, and Michael David, are well known in international art exhibitions. Many paintings were also made during and after the Holocaust, depicting Jews and Jewish property marked with the notorious yellow Star of David is a sad reminder of a very dark period in Jewish history.

In both Jewish religious art, and in Jewish jewelry, the Star is also made in a variety of forms, and artistic designs are only limited to the artist's imagination. From more traditional forms of single drop pendants in gold and silver as noted here, to modern and even elaborate creations, using a variety of materials Including diamonds and other precious stones and coins and medallions, art forms for the Star appear to be unlimited. Those who are interested in mysticism, including studying the occult and the Kabbalah, a very popular pastime nowadays, finding jewelry and other kinds of art based on this symbol is very easy, especially on the Internet. Along with Kabbalah jewelry, related art forms using what is known as Solomon's Seal and the Shield of David are also sought after by many.

Shield of David Necklace Tourists visiting the State of Israel can find a wealth of jewelry and artwork of all forms using the Star of David, as well as other symbols, including the Hebrew word "Chai", meaning Life. Jewelry and souvenir shops abound all over Israel, especially in the larger cities such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Besides the rich selection of jewelry incorporating this well known symbol, a large collection of Jewish religious and ceremonial items made from silver and other metals, as well as decorative glass and ceramic ware is also available on online shopping sites, such as EBay, and websites specializing in Judaica and religious oriented items and giftware. As for those wishing to purchase these items, one is only limited by his or her pocketbook.

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