Belief in the negative powers of the Evil Eye and various amulets and protective charms against it has been around almost as long as the human race. Virtually every country, language, and religion has definitions pertaining to the evil eye's power to cause all types of misfortunes and even death. Dating back even before ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Mesopotamians, amulets to protect people against being 'cursed' by the evil eye have been excavated in the ruins of these societies, and are still very much desired by people today. These charms are particularly popular in African and Middle Eastern cultures, with evil protective amulets not only worn by people on their person, but also mounted near the inside entrance of their homes as well.

Red String Evil Eye Protection Hamsa Bracelet Some of the more popular amulets against the evil eye include the Hamsa, a five fingered hand, sometimes with an eye in its center. If mounted near a house entrance, the 'Hamsa' is intended to protect a house and all those who live within against sickness, financial misfortune, and sterility. Women are more believing in these charms than men, and are more likely to wear a Hamsa Hand necklace themselves, or give their kids a Hamsa bracelet to wear with the belief that it will protect them against evil. And while all languages and religions have special terms attributed to the powers of the evil eye, Jews and Moslems appear to harbor many beliefs against it; even more than those living in more enlightened countries.

Indigo Hamsa Necklace The 'Hamsa' charm, or Hand of Fatima, along a blue glass eye charm found often in Arab souvenir shops are even found on boats and even aircraft in Arab and Muslim countries -so powerful are the beliefs in the power of these amulets and symbols to protect against evil. Protection can also refer to bringing good luck as well and conveying protective energy to people who believe in their powers. While not everyone has such beliefs, certain societies consider protection against the evil eye as one of the most fundamental that one can desire.

In some religions, including Judaism, the symbol of a fish and fish head is considered as good protection against the Evil Eye. For this reason, many charms against the Evil Eye also contain the likeness of a fish.

Hamsa and other Evil Eye protection amulets can be found in many shops dealing with jewelry and charms, as well as the occult. They are also available on many websites on the internet.

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