Evil Eye Jewelry The Evil Eye is a belief that some people, often women seen as witches, can bestow a curse on victims by the gaze of their magical eye, the effects on victims vary, some are afflicted with bad luck of some sort, others believe the Evil Eye has even more powers, that it can cause disease and even death.

The Evil Eye belief is that a person otherwise not malicious in any way- can harm you, your children, friends, your livestock, or any other possessions, simply by looking at them with envy. That is, as a fatalistic consequence caused (usually without intention ) by someone who is envious, jealous, or covetous. A better understanding of the term "Evil Eye" can be gained from the old English and Scottish words for it as "overlooking", implying that the gaze has remained focused on the object, person, or animal for too long.

Some cultures hold that the Evil Eye is an involuntary Jinx that is cast unintentionally by unlucky people, others hold that the power is Called by the sin of envy, it may be that the term covet (to eye enviously) in the Tenth Commandment refers to casting the Evil Eye, in Hebrew it is called "ayin-Ha'ra",(the Evil Eye), in Italian it is called "mal occhio", (the bad eye), while in Spanish: "mal ojo" (the bad eye), and in Farsi it is "bla band" (the eye of evil).

The belief in the Evil Eye is strongest in the Middle east, Asia and Europe, especially the Mediterranean region, it also spread to the Americas, in some areas where light colored eyes are rare, people with blue eyes are feared to posses the power to bestow the curse, the belief in the Evil Eye is common in Islamic Mythology, but it is not a part of Islamic teaching, the Evil Eye is significant in Jewish folklore, and traditionally exclaim: "kein-aynhoreh" meaning "no Evil Eye".

Jewish Jewelry Hamsa for Protection To ward off a jinx, if something or someone has been praised or good news spoken aloud. The Evil Eye was "fascinum", the origin of the English word "to fascinate", in Greek its called "baskania" or "matiasma", in Brazilian Portuguese it is :"Olho Gordo", which means :"fat eye".

Attempts to ward off the curse of the Evil Eye, resulted in a number of talismans and Jewish jewelry items inscribed with blessings for protection. The common talisman in the Middle east: a Blue Eye found on some form of the "hand of Fatima", or Hamsa, an amulet against the Evil Eye, large eyes often seen painted on boats in the Mediterranean, to ward off Evil Eye are just a few. Talismans of different kinds are used in many cultures those include charms, statues and magical symbols to ward off the Evil Eye.

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