Evil Eye protection Hamsa Hand An amulet, from amuletum, meaning " an object-that protects a person from trouble" or Talisman, from Arabic Tilasm, or from the Greek word "Talsin" which means "to initiate into the mysteries", and consists of any object intended to bring good luck and protection to its owner. Two of the most popular amulets for protection and success are the Horseshoe and Hamsa Hand. Amulets vary considerably according to their time and place of origin, religious objects commonly serve as amulets in different societies, be it the figure of God or simply some symbol representing the deity (such as the cross for Christians, or the "eye of hours" for the ancient Egyptians).

Even today one can see people in Thailand with more than one Buddha hanging from their necks, every zodiacal sign has its corresponding gem that acts as an amulet, and these stones vary according to traditions.

In central Europe, people believed garlic kept Vampires away, as did religious symbols, the Egyptians had many amulets for different occasions and needs, often with the figure of a God or the "Ankh" ( the key of eternal-life) the figure of "Khepri" became a common amulet too, and gained fame in the western world. The ancient Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons and Germans believe the Rune EOH protects against evil and witchcraft.

Golden Baby Pin with Hamsa Charm Amulets were ornaments, gems, scrolls, etc. worn as preservatives against the power of enchantments, and generally, inscribed with mystic forms or characters, the "earrings" in ( genesis 35;4 ) were probably amulets taken from the bodies of the slain Shechemites. They are subsequently mentioned among the spoils of Midian (judges 8;24 ) in ( hosea 2;13 ) in another like reference, the " earrings" in ( Isaiah 3;20 ) were also amulets. In recent years amulets have become more popular and some have been become more common to all religions. In our new world the variations and new artistic expression of some of these old amulets have made them increasingly fashionable for jewelry and wall decorations.

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