When shopping for a wedding gift for a special couple, MostOriginal.com offers a most unique line of gifts that will be loved and appreciated long after money and material gifts are long gone. Our store specializes in unusual gifts for even the most discriminating couple, and which will grace their home forever. Designed and fabricated by a selection of artists, MostOriginal.com offers gifts of both religious and "New Age" motifs.

Jewish wedding gifts can include gifts such as ornate Mezuzah cases by Ester Shahaf for example. These truly beautiful cases are hand made by the craftsperson's loving hands; and each one is different in style and design. Prices start from $44, depending on the design and materials used.

Other unique Jewish wedding gifts include CHILDREN AT PLAY HAMSA, Home Blessings, and so on. Additional Jewish wedding gifts include Shabbat candlesticks and Hanukah menorahs, both are so beautiful that they will be treasured mementos for years to come.

There are some great home decor and wall hanging ideas that can be ideal as a Christian Wedding Gift as well as other wall hanging decoratives like Fish Amulets and Hamsa which are universally accepted by all major religions and symbolize protection, good fortune, fertility and success for the new couple.

For those looking for more artistic wedding gifts, ceramics sculptures by Nathan Halpern would make charming additions to any home.

And if you're looking for something really creative in regards, consider buying the happy couple "His and Her" amulets or handmade jewelry, Solomon Seals and Kabbalah Jewelry. Either type is alleged to bring good fortune and give protection to the wearer. Some good examples are the Health and Protection Solomon Seal Amulet, made of 925 Sterling silver; and the Physical Protection Seal of Solomon made of copper accented pewter. Both of these amulets can either be worn or hung in the home and are said to give protection against all earthly dangers and help rejuvenate the body. Prices begin at around $70.