In preparation for this week-long (seven day) holiday, people of the Jewish faith gather together for a celebration that represents internal freedom, peace, joy, and love.

Throughout this festival they use “sukkahs”, which are temporary shelters topped with branches and decorated with harvest and autumnal themes, as they are built in order to observe the holiday. Whether rain or shine, families eat and spend time together under the sukkah, a symbol of the time Israelites spent traveling in the wilderness once freed from slavery in Egypt.

These seven days are meant to serve as a reminder of "embracing the impermanence of life." This is a time where close friends and family members gather together and spend intimate, quality time with each other so that they can be gently and kindly reminded of what is truly important within one’s life: friends, family, health, happiness, peace, and love.

The meaning of Sukkot can be summed up as a Jewish holiday that spans the course of seven days where people of the Jewish faith gather and spend time with friends and family in recognition of life’s truth treasures – one another.

This is also a great time to visit with friends and relatives, and a time for gift giving. Here are some favourite Sukkot gift ideas:

This is a Menorah by Ester Shahaf, a great gift idea for Sukkot. Traditional and contemporary.